Jeju Island

The light fishers in Jeju City

After flying from Busan to Jeju City I checked out the area. As my luck would have, there’s a five day cultural festival (October 05 – 09) at the beach area. Although there is no beach here, just a long concrete promenade without seats. On the 6th there were many workers building the tents, electric systems, stages etc. I asked a lady from the tourist office and she confirmed my suspicions: everything was destroyed by the typhoon Chaba and they were just finishing up on rebuilding it all. Impressive what amount of work they had completed in less than 36 hours, having had to clear up all the debris first!

Looking south from Seogwipo

Next day was a bus trip to the south of the island in Seogwipo. After a long walk finding some tupperware and climbing a windy harbour bridge the bus took me north again. Thus I made a trip around the volcano Mount Hallasan for appr. 5 €. But she was shy and kept her head hidden in the mist.

Gosari Hajong Kuk

For dinner was a delicious sort of stew, called “Gosari Hajong Kuk”. The girl in the Guesthouse had recommended it to me and warned that it doesn’t look very attractive. She was right: it reminded me a bit of a swamp where the swamp gasses bubble up through the thick brown mud. But it smelled good and tasted absolutely delicious. I’m afraid I have been in Korea too long already, because I would have preferred it a bit more spicey.😀

Jeju City Cultural Festival

Closed off the evening with the Cultural Festival  (tonight was China Night), a nice chat with the other guests and the girl from the Guesthouse.


Typhoon Chaba on visit

Thyphoon Chaba hits the beaches in Busan

Today is typhoon day: the typhoon “Chaba” passes by just south of Korea and here in Busan we notice it. Strong winds and heavy rain. According to all predictions it will be over mostly in the afternoon. Until then it’s a stay inside day and read a book.

Stormy weather

Around 12:00 the storm is mostly over and the rain has stopped. Since it’s still 25°C and 99% humidity everyone wants to go out and watch the sea. Well, you can see the sea here.

The Busan International Film Festival was supposed to start tomorrow on the 6th, but I’m afraid they have a few problems. Everything they’ve built up in the past two weeks has been destroyed. They’re removing the debris, but I don’tthink they are going to be ready for the opening tomorrow. So sad to see their whole work destroyed!

Remains of the BIFF village


Remains of the BIFF village (2)

Later in the afternoon the typhoon has gone and the sun is shining again. Beautiful weird clouds appear in the sky. 

Weird clouds appear – or is it an UFO?

Livin’ in the fast lane. 

Today was train day in the KTX to Busan. No zombies in the train, no army of zombies awaiting us in Busan. The beach season is not over: with 28°C the beach was packed on this Sunday. 

Me at the beach – a seldom occurrence

Later tonight (after sunset) whole Busan gathered at the beach – me included. Announcements were made that “Use or purchase of fireworks at the beach are prohibited”. So you may guess three times what they all did? Right, they lighted their fireworks at the beach! Nothing sensational, but a nice way to let such a fine sunday fade out. And with a beer from the 7/11 I enjoyed the show. Since firework pictures usually don’t work out well, you get the below:

Busan beach by night – before the show

Feelin’ sporty

Weightlifter – could also be a gorilla

After yesterdays Power Walk I thought: why not clear the Seoul Sport Complex of all caches waiting for me? So said, so done. But somehow the GPS satellites ignored me today, ‘coz I wasn’t very successful. So I did the only thing that you can do: do something else. Like sitting in the park and listen to the screaming. 

Afterwards I went to the central station to switch my KTX reservation for a ticket for tomorrow’s Train to Busan. A bit weird that you can only print out a reservation and not the ticket itself but I’m in South-Korea – logic is chaos and chaos is logic in the land where a red traffic light is considered to be no more than a friendly advice. 

Korean War Memorial

Walking around the large American Army Base (and lifting a cache or two) and the Korean War Memorials, I landed in Itaewong: that’s where all those American soldiers live. There I got interviewed by a Korean guy, who was doing his best to learn English. All is on film so I might end up on YouTube. Was fun to do though.

And since it’s Saturday evening: now’s the time for K-POP! Yeah! But not really yeah… it’s just better than Helene Fischer.

They’re actually really singing “yeah yeah”

Geocaching day #1: The Seoul Trail

What a cacher has to go through – or around

Today was geocaching day. Around the city of Seoul is a 157 km long walking Seoul Trail and a group of geocachers has laid out as many boxes as possible, in order to score as many caches as possible during one walk. Of course the 157 km is subdivided in parts – my tour was course 6: 18 km along the river. Sounds like much,  but I took my time.

Start: N 37° 26.055 E 126° 54.125
End: N 37° 31.967 E 126° 53.454

Reward: 43 caches found (and a few not) and for dinner the real bibimbap here:

After 18 km one still has to climb to get your bibimbap

And now I let my feet rest and watch the South-Korean interpretation of “Goede tijden, slechte tijden” on the tv-channel SBS: as horrible as the dutch and german, and when you don’t understand the conversations it becomes even more horrible to watch. I need a beer. 

Seoul – Day 1

Die koreanische Effektivität ist eins-zu-eins mit der japanische: exakt um 11:00 gelandet und in weniger als 90 Minuten Visum abgewinkt, Gepäck gefunden, durch die Zoll, T-moneycard und ich sass in der fast-train-to-Seoul! Und dabei verstehe ich kein Wort und kann nix lesen (ausser bibimbap). Die erste koreanische Cache muss sich aber noch etwas gedulden, am FluHa war es zu mugglig.

Im Zug war es ruhig und am Seoul Hauptbahnhof  war es extrem leer. Ob das mit der neuen koreanischen Horrorfilm Train to Busan zu tun hat? Nein: ganz Seoul saß in meinem U4! Deja-vu: Ad mit vollem Rücksack und Tasche im vollen U-Bahn: Tokyo, Osaka und Seoul. Also hopp am nächsten Bhf raus und laufen! Bin doch nich bekloppt. 

Das Hotel ist dort, wo es behauptet hat zu sein und nich wie Gugglmäps mir weismachen wollte in Incheon (= jwd). Geschichte ist länger als es Platz im Badezimmer gibt….

Beim ersten Rundgang durch die Stadt in der Faceliftgegend gelandet: hier läßt sich alles was man sich größer oder kleiner wünscht, nach belieben verkleinern und vergrößern –  oder andersherum. Jetzt weiß ich auch woran Steve Jobs gestorben ist: Scham.

Unterwegs leckere suße Kalorienbomben bei einem alten Mann im Strassenverkaufswägelchen gekauft und bezahlt mit den 1000-Wonscheine, wovon die Dame in der Reisebank sagte “Die sind zwar etwas älter, aber noch gültig!”. Der Mann, geschätzte 75+, schaute auf dem Schein und dann auf mich. Und er lachte als ob ich ihm an seine erste Einschulung erinnert habe. Na ja, er glücklich und ich das Altpapier los. 😁