From Japan: Chindon’ya (チンドン屋 or しんどんや)

Today I was surfing around and visited one of my favourite Japan-blogs by Gakuranman. He held a contest about weird things about Japan last July and published the results a few weeks later. Funny to see I recognize a few of them! But my favourit one is the clip posted by Billy about the “Edo music jam”. Billy’s blog-article is here, but I really want to show his clip directly (it’s on u-tube anyway 😉 )

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One of those days…

Today was one of those days you wish it had gone somewhat different 😦

First I found out that the exhibition in the Hosomi-museum, that I wanted to visit, has ended on last sunday and not next weekend (as I had it in my head). Poor planning from my side, bummer…

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Rising Sun? What Rising Sun?

The Land of the Rising Sun has changed into the Land of the Weeping Clouds for today, because it has been raining all day since yesterday-evening. So no adventurous mountain-hiking, temple-hopping or garden-viewing today. Instead I decided for the one remaining sensible thing to do on a rainy monday like today, where all musea are closed (leaving out a few other possibilities that require a large fire, a bottle of single-malt whiskey and / or a pretty lady) and went…!
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